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Pregnancy Tests

An appointment in our clinic always includes a free pregnancy test. Our urine tests are administered by medical professionals. If the test is positive, we are able to help determine due date, answer any questions, and discuss having an ultrasound. Upon request, we can provide an official written confirmation of pregnancy.

Options Counseling

We have a skilled team of trained staff and medical professionals who are available to listen and advocate for our patients. They offer a caring, confidential, non-judgmental presence as they partner with patients making difficult pregnancy decisions. We provide information on all the options our patients face, including abortion risks and procedures. By providing complete and accurate information, we believe that our patients will be equipped to make wise, life-affirming choices.


We offer a free limited ultrasound to help confirm pregnancy and determine fetal heart rate and estimated due date. Every ultrasound is performed by our medical staff and reviewed by our licensed medical director so our patients receive the best quality care. Approximately 95% of women who see their baby’s image on an ultrasound screen choose life.

Community Resources

We provide Hope for women in Marion and Polk counties by working together with others in a holistic approach to support women who are unprepared for pregnancy. We work together with 75+ community organizations and churches that provide everything from housing, medical services, clothing, parenting classes, addiction recovery resources and more.

The staff was really friendly and respectful. A friend recommended this clinic, but I am glad I came because they’re great! This clinic is amazing!

The staff was respectful and made sure I was well taken care of and had everything I needed.

Hope "feels safe, loving and more like home."