Mother's Day Words of Wisdom ~ From our National Affiliate, CareNet

Posted by Ardee Coolidge on May 10, 2018

Mother’s Day. If you are like me, you may have memories of frantically working with your dad to come up with a last-minute Mother’s Day gift. Something special to make her smile and thankful for her thoughtful children. I still remember the special meals after church, usually at a restaurant so that “mom won’t have to cook.”

Since becoming a husband and father, this day has taken on a whole new significance for me. Three years ago, I watched my wife Christin

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A Peek Inside: The Heart of Hope Pregnancy Clinic

Posted by Katy Watson on March 28, 2018

Most people are relatively familiar with what Hope does and why we do it. We offer free services to women who are most vulnerable to abortion because we believe that life is sacred. Yet we’d like to invite you to take a peek inside of Hope to see another perspective of the important work that happens here.

If you were to walk in our doors and spend a day as a fly on the wall, you would get to know our staff and volunteers. They would absolutely amaze you.

Our organization

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Yikes! We are turning patients away!

Posted by Mike Reid, Executive Director on February 12, 2018

Today, our appointment book is completely full. In fact, so is tomorrow. And the next day. In fact, every day this week is full. This means we do not have a single open slot for any woman who walks in or calls for an appointment. When our schedule gets this busy it is heart-wrenching because we exist to serve the woman that needs care right now. When we sense a woman's unborn baby may be in peril and we have to tell her "we can't see you until a week from now," t

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Why the Pro-Life Mission Truly Fights for the Rights of Women

Posted by Katy Watson on October 20, 2017

A long time argument of the pro-choice world is that they are more concerned with the rights of women than the pro-lifers who only care about saving babies. While historically this may have been the case of many well-intentioned pro-life thinkers, the culture of clinics like Hope are wise about the way we prioritize both baby AND mother.

Our staff recently had the privilege of hearing Abby Johnson*, former Planned Parenthood center director, speak at a conference. She shared insight into

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What it Means to be the "Compassion Arm" of the Pro-Life Movement

Posted by Mike Reid on August 24, 2017

Actually, "compassion arm" is a good descriptor for all 2600 or so pregnancy centers and pregnancy clinics across the country. It points to a key difference between our work and that of other good pro-life efforts.

Notice I said a difference between our work, not our hearts. In no way do I mean to imply that other pro-life efforts are without compassion for the women and babies caught in the abortion debate. However, they are called to stand against

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Is Abortion Ever an Option?

Posted by Katy Watson on June 21, 2017

Many of our partners are surprised when they learn that we talk about abortion as an option in the counseling room. We’ve seen a few shocked faces, followed by the response,

“Abortion is never an option”.

Which is true. . .according to our Biblical worldview.

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Why Pregnancy Centers are Much Safer than a "Safe Space"

Posted by Katy Watson on May 24, 2017

We are more than a "safe place." We’re a refuge where a woman can slow down and get accurate information, a place where she knows she’s not alone.

Coming out west together was supposed to be their great adventure. Instead, he landed in jail, leaving her homeless –and then she discovered she was pregnant. When she came to see us, she had already scheduled an abortion appointment.

Why did this young woman choose life in the end? The answer lies in the

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Two New Websites!

Posted by Katy on April 13, 2017

For our patients:

For our donors:

"Why two websites?" you might ask. Good question. Hope is unusual in that it serves two radically different constituencies, our patients and our partners. They have differing values and speak different languages.

To our partners we talk freely about how abortion hurts women, and how

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