God has given Hope the most amazing opportunity to increase its ability to serve patients. He has provided a SECOND building for our ministry. We are calling it the “Hope Annex.”

For some time now we have been struggling to resolve an issue with overcrowding. The increased capacity from our building expansion a few years ago has been perfect for our growing patient services, that is, until our Parenting Initiative began to take off. The patient response to that mentoring program has increased visits by as many as sixfold.

The Parenting Initiative gives us the opportunity to meet many more times with our patients to equip them for parenthood. Patients are paired with mentors to learn new parenting skills and earn baby clothes and other valuable necessities. The response to this program has been incredibly positive—to the extent that not only are we extremely crowded, but we also have a long waiting list.

Our pregnancy options counseling and free medical services—still our first priority—have continued to grow. That means our space has grown tight, and the number of mentoring sessions we can offer is limited. We have been praying for an answer to our space dilemma, and God has blessed us in a BIG way!

The Hope Annex will allow us to provide our mentoring program to all the patients who want to participate. It means no more waiting list. The building is just two doors down on Market Street, and it’s the perfect space for the Parenting Initiative.

The cost of the new building is just under $600,000.

We’re hoping you’ll want to make a special contribution to help Hope provide this space and parenting program for our patients. Two donors have already stepped in with gifts totalling $112,000 which is an amazing start toward the full amount.

Our dream is to see all of Hope’s patients choose life and utilize the Parenting Initiative mentoring program. They will be able to sign up for as many sessions as they need to be confident of their skills as new parents. Hope’s pregnancy counseling and medical services will continue in our original building, and our “going deeper” mentoring program will be in the new Hope Annex.

Will you please join with Hope in completing this dream? You can make a contribution HERE.