Why the Pro-Life Mission Truly Fights for the Rights of Women

Posted by Katy Watson on October 20, 2017

A long time argument of the pro-choice world is that they are more concerned with the rights of women than the pro-lifers who only care about saving babies. While historically this may have been the case of many well-intentioned pro-life thinkers, the culture of clinics like Hope are wise about the way we prioritize both baby AND mother.

Our staff recently had the privilege of hearing Abby Johnson*, former Planned Parenthood center director, speak at a conference. She shared insight into the culture and tactics of abortion clinics in order to help us understand what abortion-vulnerable women may be facing. She shared one thought that really stuck with our staff. When a young woman facing an unplanned pregnancy visits an abortion clinic, she is immediately told that because of this pregnancy, she will never be able to finish school. Never pursue her career dreams. Never live a fulfilling life. They offer abortion as the only reasonable option for her situation, promising freedom from the weight of a child she didn’t choose. Their message of “you’ll never be able to…” is what they so proudly deem as advocating for the rights of women.

When a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy walks through the doors of a center like Hope Pregnancy Clinic, she is given a different message. She is told that yes, she can finish school. She can still dream, and that a fulfilling life is a life lived for other. We remind her that she is strong, capable, and has great resources around her to support her in her journey. We offer ourselves to her by providing maternity clothes, baby items, mentoring, and a safe, listening ear.

What do you think? Who truly cares most for the rights of women? Choosing life is not just about saving the life of the unborn. It’s about transforming the future of those who feel like they have no good options. It’s about giving hope and purpose and pointing them to the source of abundant life - Jesus Christ.

That’s why Hope’s mission statement is: Empowering women who are unprepared for pregnancy to make healthy, life-affirming decisions. Pro-life work truly fights for the rights of women.