Two New Websites!

Posted by Katy on April 13, 2017

For our patients:

For our donors:

"Why two websites?" you might ask. Good question. Hope is unusual in that it serves two radically different constituencies, our patients and our partners. They have differing values and speak different languages.

To our partners we talk freely about how abortion hurts women, and how it is not a good option for our patients. We're open about our love for Jesus and that we want to introduce our patients to Him. On our website, we talk about everything Christian and pro-life. This will also be the primary method of communication with you, our partners.

These are not topics that appeal to our patients. In fact, these would turn off some of them. Our old website was openly pro-life and pro-Jesus. We know it likely turned some of our patients away.

Many potential patients will check us out online to determine whether they can trust us. Will we be unbiased and supporting of them? Therefore, on our patient website we focus on her pregnancy needs and what she might be thinking about her options. We try to speak about her issues in her language.

To be clear, we definitely want to talk with our patients about positive, life-affirming values. We just don’t want to lead with that on our webpage. We believe our message is best said with trust in the safety of our counseling room.

In today’s world of electronic communication our website is like our front door. Depending on what a patient sees there, she will choose whether she will even enter our premises and give us a chance.

We invite you to check out both sites, but stay particularly tuned into our donor site, . This is where we will tell you, our donors and partners, about our events, strategies, and how you can best connect with us. We are excited about this new time of growth in Hope’s ministry!