Is Abortion Ever an Option?

Posted by Katy Watson on June 21, 2017

Many of our partners are surprised when they learn that we talk about abortion as an option in the counseling room. We’ve seen a few shocked faces, followed by the response,

“Abortion is never an option”.

Which is true. . .according to our Biblical worldview.

However, avoiding the topic would be like covering our eyes and pretending that abortion doesn’t exist. To our patients who are unprepared for pregnancy, abortion is definitely an option.

Many of these women are considering abortion for a variety of complicated reasons. Finances, relational stress, substance or domestic abuse, homelessness, and lack of support are a few factors that put these women at risk. These are the patients we most want to serve, so we must be strategic in the way that we engage them. We respect our patients by meeting them right where they are by speaking their language. We don’t shy away from hard conversations, believing that truth brings freedom.

Yes, we discuss abortion with our patients. We let it speak for its ugly self, trusting that facts (not avoidance) will help them make an informed, life-affirming decision. With such a politically charged and volatile topic, there’s a lot of talk surrounding abortion but a severe lack of accurate medical information. We know that the enemy prowls around, seeking to deceive (1 Peter 5:8), so there is a lot of dishonesty around this topic as well. Hope Pregnancy Clinic fights this battle with wisdom, compassion and truth.

If a patient discloses that she is considering abortion, the nurse will ask if she’d like to know about the risks and procedures involved. Most women do want to be informed. Then we offer her an ultrasound which determines if her pregnancy is viable and how far along she is. This information helps our nurses personalize medical information and fully inform and empower every patient to choose what will be the best option for herself and ultimately, for her unborn baby. Check out our patient site to see how we communicate who we are with potential patients:

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