A Peek Inside: The Heart of Hope Pregnancy Clinic

Posted by Katy Watson on March 28, 2018

Most people are relatively familiar with what Hope does and why we do it. We offer free services to women who are most vulnerable to abortion because we believe that life is sacred. Yet we’d like to invite you to take a peek inside of Hope to see another perspective of the important work that happens here.

If you were to walk in our doors and spend a day as a fly on the wall, you would get to know our staff and volunteers. They would absolutely amaze you.

Our organization draws in the most compassionate hearts and many of our staff and volunteers are driven with a deep conviction to minister to patients because of their own stories.

These women continue to think about our patients after they leave the clinic. They weep for the lives that are at stake and go above and beyond to serve the women under their care. To them, working at Hope isn’t just a job or a volunteer opportunity, it’s their calling. These women absolutely come alive here and inspire the people around them. If they inspire all of us inside Hope, can you imagine how our patients feel?

This is what makes Hope truly shine in the Salem community – the radiant presence of these women. We are so grateful for the excellent care of all of our staff and volunteers.

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