Yikes! We are turning patients away!

Posted by Mike Reid, Executive Director on February 12, 2018

Today, our appointment book is completely full. In fact, so is tomorrow. And the next day. In fact, every day this week is full. This means we do not have a single open slot for any woman who walks in or calls for an appointment. When our schedule gets this busy it is heart-wrenching because we exist to serve the woman that needs care right now. When we sense a woman's unborn baby may be in peril and we have to tell her "we can't see you until a week from now," this is completely unacceptable. On top of that, when patients do have an appointment, we can only see ONE woman at a time. That's a max of six women a day. We must be able to help her right now in what likely feels to her like an urgent moment of decision.

This is a problem. What's the solution?

We are expanding our current building! This addition will double our room for patients which will allow us to see twice as many women and their unborn babies. Thus, we're calling the building campaign...

This will be a HUGE endeavor - one that we cannot do without your support. Many generous Hope partners have already locked arms with us in this campaign. 

Here's what we need to do:

The amount we have left to raise for this project is $252,000!

Are you ready for some good news??  A local philanthropist has offered to donate the final $100,000 if we can raise the rest needed ($152,000) by March 31

Since he made that offer, we have received donations totaling $23,000. This brings our target down to $129,000.

We know this is a HUGE project with a short timeline and unlike any challenge Hope has experienced before. However, we believe in the ability of our God and the generosity of our Hope partners! Will you join us? Please consider giving generously to reach this March 31st deadline. We are so excited about this opportunity to reach double the lives in the Salem community!

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