What it Means to be the "Compassion Arm" of the Pro-Life Movement

Posted by Mike Reid on August 24, 2017

Actually, "compassion arm" is a good descriptor for all 2600 or so pregnancy centers and pregnancy clinics across the country. It points to a key difference between our work and that of other good pro-life efforts.

Notice I said a difference between our work, not our hearts. In no way do I mean to imply that other pro-life efforts are without compassion for the women and babies caught in the abortion debate. However, they are called to stand against abortion in a starkly different manner than what Hope does.

All of the different pro-life strategies are important and helpful. There are basically three distinct efforts – 

  1. Legislation (getting pro-life people elected and pro-life legislation passed),
  2. Activism (public events like marches, Life Chain, and prayer at abortion clinics) and
  3. Counseling and advocacy at pregnancy centers and pregnancy clinics.

I go over the differences between these efforts very carefully with our new volunteers. We want Hope staff and volunteers to stick to our agenda and leave the other heavy lifting to those groups called to that.

I’ll confess, I think our calling is the “way more fun” work. At Hope we have the privilege of coming alongside the women who are afraid, unsure or undecided. We get to comfort them, assure them, even befriend them. We give Christ’s unconditional love to the broken ones who actually walk through our front door and ask for our help. We sometimes see lives completely redeemed.

It isn’t always easy though. In some cases, it’s obvious our volunteer cares more about the patient’s life than she does. At times the truth and pure goodness we offer is flat out rejected. With some patients there is a blatant disregard for human life. It’s not unusual to see a Hope volunteer in tears after counseling a patient, from the sheer sadness of embracing so much brokenness.

But the staff and volunteers push on. They keep on giving, keep on loving. For these gentle souls are the compassion arm of the pro-life movement.